Incubator: Somewheres

This is an “Incubator” post. Like the others, I know that there’s an idea for a big project in here, but I don’t know what it is yet.

While walking for a month across northern Spain, I passed thousands of doors. All of them lead somewhere. I started a collection of doors, whimsically limiting myself ones bearing the number 8 (as soon as I had decided upon this limitation, every other street seemed to have a demolished house between 6 and 10).

Since then, I see magnificent doors everywhere. Graffitied metal doors, ancient thick wooden doors, ostentatious gold-plated McMansion doors. They arouse the stamp collector in me: I want to collect around 50 of the most interesting doors into a book, or perhaps an installation.

Here are some on the ones from Spain, all bearing a certain Spanish fingerprint: