Project: “Camino de Santiago” book

"Camino de Santiago" means "Way of St James". It is a network of paths through Europe that all lead to Santiago de Compostella. In June 2010 I set off with camera to walk the last 500 miles from St-Jean-pied-de-port in France. This is the book that I made along the way. The book consists of 30 landscape photos presented with snapshots of the pilgrims and their lifestyle. Continue reading Project: “Camino de Santiago” book

The making of “eyes”

I’ve just finished my project for SoFoBoMo, and put live the new site. SoFoBoMo, for those of you who don’t know, is the Solo Photo Book Month: a loosely organised international group of photographers who all decided to stop procrastinating and make a real, physical book. In one month.

You can see the finished results here.

Since this blog is supposed to be about technique, not just pimping my projects, I thought I’d share with you the process I used to make 41 portraits in 4 weeks.

Each of the 41 portraits is a macro shot of an eye, with a classical head and shoulders portrait of a the eye’s owner behind the pupil.

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