Project: “Eyes” book

When I look at a portrait I first see the expression on the subject’s face, and after a few moments of appreciation I find my gaze inevitably drawn to the eyes. The eyes reveal the personality of the subject, confirming the expression of the face or contradicting it. The eyes are the most important part of the portrait, yet the smallest. This is a pity because eyes contain beautiful details that are lost in most portraits.

This project consists of inside-out portraits. The intention is that after the first few moments regarding the eye, your gaze is inevitably drawn inwards to the subject’s face.

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17 thoughts on “Project: “Eyes” book”

  1. Dude, raise your price a little bit. You should make a little money on each book. $5.00 is not a big deal. You should make a little something for your effort.

  2. bob: yes, it’s an idea I had with my wife one evening

    nick: if I sell hundreds then I might, but the main customers are my subjects so it’s not really fair to profit!

    Amy and Gordon: thanks!

  3. Oh by the way did you try doing a shot with just the iris (as in the last photos of this post) with portrait inserted?

    I suspect you might get a change in emphasis with more going to the portrait. There sure are a lot of variations you can do with your concept. If you have any more variations please let me know.

  4. bob: The original concept has just irises, but firstly it was harder to shoot, and secondly they just didn’t look human enough.

  5. What a fascinating project and beautifully executed. It was particularly generous of you to share so much about your technique for shooting and editing. Thanks and congratulations. I am looking forward to your next project.

  6. Interesting project, especially as one gets little idea of gender from the eye itself. Nicely presented.

    Couple of technical points (as you’re sharing workflow): Looks like you’re actually using the canon 70-300 DO lens (at least in the picture you show here). I’ve found that it softens up quite a bit if you put filters on the front (even a simple UV). Might want to try extension tubes instead of the 500D for sharper results.

    On the hiraloam sharpening (High radium, low amount) that you use for contrast enhancement – I find it’s generally betetr to apply before the low radius sharpeing rather than after, can help reduce artefacts.

    Nice job on the SoFoBoMo website, btw.

  7. I just love your idea and the pictures. Very nice, and it’s true what youe say about portraits…wine helps. ;)

    I’m starting in all this photography thing, and might enter the 2009 SoFoBoMo contest. I just need an original idea as yours.

    By the way, how coud you get the dog stay still while taking it’s picture? ;)

    Kepp it up.

  8. Stumbled on this by accident! I’m thinking about trying photography and your photos are really inspiring.

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